Farmers’ Markets Offer a Taste of Fall

Autumn is almost upon us! I am so excited, because this means a cornucopia of fresh, crisp, juicy, and flavorful fruits and veggies. ‘Tis the season of apples, peaches, pears, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash, just to name a few of my favorites.  Also worth noting is that the stars of the cruciferous family – broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage – are currently being harvested and are ready to take center stage at your dinner table.

Lucky for us, quite a few farmers’ markets stay open through the end of October. These markets feature locally grown and environmentally friendly produce that is transported over very short distances. Buying from the nearest market not only supports the local economy, but each bite is packed with more nutrients – when the produce is picked in season and eaten quickly (not shipped from across the globe), it retains its full nutrient profile because nutritional value often declines quite rapidly after harvest. To see when your favorite fruits and veggies are in season and thus the most nutritious, check out this handy chart put together by the City of Chicago.

Photo by Nicci Brown

Peaches and apples made a big splash at the farmers’ market in Crown Point on 8/17.
Photo by Nicci Brown

In the spirit of eating fresh and eating local, here’s a list of farmers’ markets around Chicago and Northwest Indiana that are open through the end of September and into October. Also, I know many of my readers hail from Ohio, so for you guys, here’s some links to your area farmers’ markets:

  • Northwest Ohio: Found here courtesy of the NW Ohio Events calendar
  • Cleveland and Northeast Ohio: Found here courtesy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer
  • Columbus and the surrounding areas: Found here courtesy of the Columbus Dispatch

Northwest Indiana: Compiled by Purdue University (found in it’s entirety here)

Chesterton: Schoolhouse Shop – 278 E. 1500 North, 5/4-First hard frost every Saturday, 10a – 2p

Chesterton: Thomas Centennial Park, 5/4-10/26 (no 9/21) every Saturday, 8a – 2p

Crown Point: Main Street south of Courthouse, 6/1-9/28 every Saturday, 8a – 1p

Griffith: N. Broad Street, 5/3-9/27 every Friday, 3p – 8p

Highland: Main Square – 3001 Ridge Road, 6/8-10/19 (no 9/7) every Saturday, 9a – 1p

Hobart: Festival Park – 111 E. Old Ridge Road, 6/6-9/26 every Thursday, 3p – 8p

LaPorte: Downtown LaPorte – Lincolnway & Monroe, 5/18-10/12 every Saturday, 8a – 2p

Michigan City: Riverside Marketplace – 234 E. Second St, 5/4-10/20 every Saturday & Sunday, 10a – 3p

Michigan City: Uptown Farmers’ Market – 701 Washington St, 5/4-10/26 every Saturday, 8a – 12p

Miller Beach: 667 S. Lake Street – Gary, IN, 5/5-9/29 every Sunday, 10a – 3p

Munster: Centennial Park, 5/5-10/20 every Sunday, 8a – 2p

Portage: Founders Square Park, 6/2-9/29 every Sunday, 11a – 3p

Rensselaer: South side of Courthouse Square, 5/4-10 every Saturday, 7:30a – 11:30a

Schererville: Redar Park south parking lot, 5/18-9/26 every Thursday, 3p – 8p

St. John: Community Outpatient Centre Parking Lot, 5/5-10/27 every Sunday, 8a – 1p

Valpo: Central Park Plaza, 6/1-10/29 every Tuesday & Saturday, 8a – 2p

Whiting: City Hall – 1443 199th St, 5/4-10/26 every Saturday, 8a – 2p

Downtown Chicago

Daley Plaza: Washington & Dearborn, 5/16-10/31 every Thursday, 7a – 3p

Federal Plaza: Adams & Dearborn (230 S – 50 W), 5/21-10/31 every Tuesday, 7a – 3p

Willis Tower Plaza: S. Wacker & Jackson (233 S. Wacker), 6/27-10/31 every Tuesday, 7a – 3p

Photo by Nicci Brown

Yellow squash, cucumbers, and acorn squash were also delightfully present at the Crown Point farmers’ market.
Photo by Nicci Brown

Chicagoland Neighborhood Farmers’ Markets: Compiled by the City of Chicago (found in its entirety here)

Division Street: Division & Dearborn, 5/11-10/26 every Saturday, 7a – 1p

Lincoln Park: Armitage & Orchard (HS parking lot), 5/11-10/26 every Saturday, 7a – 1p

Beverly: 95th & Longwood, 5/12-10/27 every Sunday, 7a – 1p

Wicker Park/Bucktown: Wicker Park & Damen (in park), 6/2-10/27 every Sunday, 8a – 2p

Lincoln Square: Lincoln/Leland/Western (parking lot), 6/4-10/29 every Tuesday, 7a – 1p

Museum of Contemporary Art: Chicago & Mies van der Rohe Way (on MCA plaza), 6/4-10/29 every Tuesday, 7a – 3p

Hyde Park: 53rd St. & Hyde Park Blvd. (in park), 6/6-10/31 every Thursday, 7a – 1p

Loyola: 6590 N. Sheridan Road, 6/10-10/14 every Monday, 3p – 7p

Bridgeport: 35th & Wallace (in parking lot), 6/15-10/5 every Saturday, 7a – 1p

Northcenter: Belle Plaine/Damen/Lincoln, 6/15-10/26 every Saturday, 7a – 1p

Printers Row: Dearborn & Polk (in park), 6/15-10/26 every Saturday, 7a – 1p

Southport Market: Blaine School, 1420 Grace, 6/22-10/5 every Saturday, 8a – 2p

Garfield Park  Conservatory: 300 N. Central Park Avenue, 6/23-10/27 every Sunday, 11a – 4p

Columbus Park: Harrison & Central, 6/25-10/29 every Tuesday, 2p – 7p

La Follette Park: 1333 N. Laramie, 6/26-10/30 every Wednesday, 2p – 7p

Austin Town Hall: Lake & Central, 6/29-10/29 every Thursday, 10a – 2p

West Humboldt Park: 3601 W. Chicago (HS parking lot), 6/29-10/26 every Saturday, 10a – 3p

Pullman: 111th & Cottage Grove (in park), 7/10-10/30 every Wednesday, 7a -12p


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